Potrait of Andela Jankovic

About the Artist

It was back in high school that Anđela Janković thought drawing was something purely for her own enjoyment, "often in shabby notebooks during classes". It was something the Serbian designer and illustrator perceived as an "indulgent, somewhat selfish activity" rather than anything she could have turned into a career.

My Favorite Artworks

I have mentioned below 3 of my favorite artworks from this artist's collection. And, I have also taken the liberty of elaborating on what it is about these artworks that piques my interest and keeps me coming back for more.

Painting of a person holding a tropphy

"Everyone wins"

This artwork cleverly signifies that your mind and your ability to think is what makes you a winner, by making a person hold a trophy shaped as his own head.

Painting of a person bending backwards

"Nothing Serious"

This artwork depicts a girl bending backwards. To retain the fun element, vibrant shades of pink and blue have been used. Overall, the whole piece looks very playful.

Painting of a person sitting

"Speck of dust"

A notable aspect of this piece is the way the artist skilfully distorts the proportions of the human characters to create a sense of fun and lightheartedness.