Potrait of Aman Khanna

About the Artist

Aman Khanna is a graphic artist, illustrator, sculptor and a visual storyteller. After graduating in graphic and information design from London College of Communication in 2004, Aman worked in London for a year and then set up his own design studio Infomen in London and Infonauts in New Delhi, which he continues to run from New Delhi. Aman’s quirky characters and iconic forms tease viewers, drawing their attention to the pages of many international publications including Harvard Business publications, The Guardian newspaper, The Times newspaper and the Wall Street Journal.

My Favorite Artworks

I have mentioned below 3 of my favorite artworks from this artist's collection. And, I have also taken the liberty of elaborating on what it is about these artworks that piques my interest and keeps me coming back for more.

Sculpture of a person resting in a bathtub


This sculpture depicts a person immersed in a bathtub, completely relaxed after a long and tiring day. The artist is conveying a feeling of utter tranquility through the expressions.

Sculpture of a person's face with their arms around it

"Exploring oneself"

This piece shows how there is so much to explore about oneself. The pose invites introspection and conveys a powerful message about the importance of looking inward.

Sculptures of faces used as seat cushions

"Comfortable clayheads"

Here, the artist has creatively integrated the sculptures into a unique setting, using the clay heads as seat cushions to represent comfort.