Potrait of Shira Barzilay

About the Artist

Shira Barzilay is an artist whose iconic work is globally recognized through her influential @koketit platform. The Tel Aviv based artist Instagram account counts half a million followers, and her unique and captivating drawing style and mixed media art has brought her to the attention of some of the world’s leading brands. This includes art collaborations with Cartier, Elizabeth Arden, Vogue Portugal, Harper’s Bazaar, N’kd, Lenovo, Revlon, and most recently a design collaboration with Zara. Her distinctive style is recognized for it’s evocative and philosophical musings on our world. “The world is her canvas”

My Favorite Artworks

I have mentioned below 3 of my favorite artworks from this artist's collection. And, I have also taken the liberty of elaborating on what it is about these artworks that piques my interest and keeps me coming back for more.

Painting of 2 ladies on a door

"Come in"

I really like how the artist has made use of the handles and knobs on the door flawlessly in her composition. It is blending very well the 2 painted ladies.

Human face formed out of a staircase

"Stare Case"

This is one of my favorite pieces. It's amazing how the artist has converted a fully inanimate object like a staircase into such an evident face with just a few brush strokes.

A woman made from a plastic bag

"She is not disposable"

This artwork is very unique since here instead of using an architectural element, the artist has used a very mundane object like a plastic bag and turned it into a woman's silhouette.